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September, 2006


   Bronx, N.Y. – Advantage Lites & Louvers (ALL) has expanded its line of all-purpose door lite kits for one-quarter-inch glass to provide greater choice in installation systems. Attached using screws on the beveled side of the door only, the design of ALL’s new model 784G lite kit eliminates the need for exterior-side screws for enhanced aesthetics, as well as simplified installation. A-LL also offers the 84G lite kit which is installed with screws on both sides of the door. Both models feature rounded stop edges for easy maintenance and are suitable for 1 inch wood or metal doors.

Acquired by Zero International in December, 2004, the product line of Advantage Lites & Louvers is widely known to the door hardware industry dating from its origins as part of the former Leslie Locke Building Products company. Production facilities for ALL are now located in Wallace, North Carolina, where Zero and ALL are continuing to upgrade production and quality control processes to Zero standards.

Based in Bronx, New York, Zero is a leading manufacturer of door and window sealing hardware known for the quality of its product line. That line includes sound-control gasketing, INTUMET™ positive-pressure fire and smoke assemblies, and a full array of other specialized sealing systems for doors and windows; a complete line of photoluminescent exit signs and marking systems; high-performance continuous hinges; and TRACTION TREAD™ systems for door saddles and stair nosings.

For sales information and customer service, readers may contact:  Zero International and Advantage Lites & Louvers 


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