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February, 2006


   Bronx, N.Y. -- The new Advantage Intumescent AI fire-rated door louver is the intelligent alternative to conventional fusible-link fire louvers. Developed and manufactured by Advantage Lites & Louvers (A-LL) of Wallace, North Carolina, the AI louver provides cost-effective retrofits as well as economical installation in new fire-door assemblies. Its patent-pending design features intumescent material applied as strips to alternating interior surfaces of metal fins in an inverted-Y configuration. The intumescent strips are not visible on the exterior sides of the door. When exposed to flames or high temperatures, the intumescence expands and seals off the air passageways between the fins. The new AI louver has been tested by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) under UL 10C for positive pressure and is listed with allowable size up to 24 x 24 inches for fire doors rated up to 90 minutes. It is available with fins made of cold rolled steel (Model # AIL 200) or galvanized steel (Model # AIL 200-Galv).

The innovative design of A-LL's AI louver effectively eliminates the shortcomings of other available fire-rated louver systems. Typical fusible-link louvers use a spring-loaded mechanism to hold fins open, supported by a link that melts when exposed to heat allowing the louvers to close. Those systems are relatively complex and expensive to manufacture. Unlike other options available worldwide, the AI louver also provides sufficient structural integrity to withstand the demanding fire-stream tests required for U.S. fire ratings. Designed for reliable performance and priced to reflect its inherent manufacturing efficiencies, the AI louver sets a new standard for the industry.

AI louvers are made using INTUMET intumescent material manufactured by Zero International, parent company of Advantage Lites & Louvers. The FS4004 INTUMET product used for these louvers is formulated for use in protecting large openings in fire doors and partitions. It expands with strong force to approximately 80 times its original volume, blocking the passage of smoke and fire.  

Acquired by Zero in December, 2004 from a predecessor owner, the product line of Advantage Lites & Louvers is widely known to the door hardware industry dating from its origins as part of the former Leslie Locke Building Products company.

Since relocating manufacturing facilities to Wallace, Zero and A-LL have made steady progress in addressing transitional issues, as well as upgrading production and quality control processes to Zero standards. The introduction of the new AI door louver reflects A-LL's commitment to maintaining Zero's long tradition of creative problem-solving.

Based in Bronx, New York, Zero is a leading manufacturer of door and window sealing hardware known for the quality of its product line. That line includes sound-control gasketing, INTUMET positive-pressure fire and smoke assemblies, and a full array of other specialized sealing systems for doors and windows; a complete line of photoluminescent exit signs and marking systems; high-performance continuous hinges; and TRACTION TREAD  systems for door saddles and stair nosings.

For sales information and customer service, readers may contact:  Zero International and Advantage Lites & Louvers 


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